2004 SSC Aero SC/8T – Specs & Price

2004 SSC Aero SC/8T - Specs & Price
2004 SSC Aero SC/8T – Specification & Price
Top speed 401 km/h    249 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
3.11 seconds
& torque 
793 hp    583 kW
861 Nm @ 5800 rpm
hp / weight 643 hp per tonne
Displacement V8   6.3  litre    6257 cc
Weight 1234 kg    2720 lbs
Price 1 000 000 $

This is not such a furious record-breaking hypercar as the “Ultimate”: it is one and a half times less powerful and, obviously, therefore much more convenient to use. Rather, less uncomfortable. Because in dynamics and speed, it is almost not inferior to older brothers. But its main difference, thanks to which I like it more, is the interior. At first glance at him, you think that he is from somewhere in the 90s, but you realize your mistake right away, as soon as you see the alluring chrome shine and LCD

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