2017 Ford GT – Specs & Price

2017 Ford GT - Specs & Price
2017 Ford GT – Specification & Price
Top speed 348 km/h    216 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
3.1 seconds
& torque
655 hp    482 kW
746 Nm @ 5900 rpm
hp / weight 444 hp per tonne
Displacement V6   3.5  litre    3496 cc
Weight 1474 kg    3250 lbs
Price 450 000 $

Looking at this low body, at this divine exhaust, at laconic and beautiful wheels, at this minimalistic interior, at this angular profile and other elements, you involuntarily start to gnaw your elbows in the realization that something is happening, but you don’t have such a thing will never … Ford hoped to make a “boom” the appearance of this GT and they have more than succeeded. Specification at the level of standards for supercars.

Technically, this is the level of Huracan, although the power is higher. And here the emphasis is clearly on the maximum speed, as it seems to me. The same Ferrari and McLaren with similar data accelerate significantly faster. Although the maximum speed they have less. The design is certainly super. Production will be strictly limited. And the company itself chooses the customers. By the way, he didn’t have time to really get into the series (only the first few copies for customers from the USA came off the slipways), and his more lightweight version, such as the sharpened one for the track – the Ford GT Competition Series – had already appeared.

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