2017 Zenvo TSR – Specs & Price

2017 Zenvo TSR - Specs & Price
2017 Zenvo TSR – Specification & Price
Top speed325 km/h    202 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
2.6 seconds
& torque 
1180 hp    868 kW
1100 Nm @ 7500 rpm
hp / weight887 hp per tonne
DisplacementV8   5.8  litre    5800 cc
Weight1330 kg    2932 lbs
Price1 500 000 $

Judging by the ratio of maximum power, maximum torque and speed, the Danes managed to build a truly racing engine. Reaching its maximum condition just at 7500 rpm. On which, with the declared 1,100 Nm-th moment, the power is just 1,175 forces. But, such settings (as far as the experience of the evolution of formula supermotors can be accepted in this matter) have a downside: at other speeds the engine “falls through”, and the car becomes not so effective in terms of dynamics.


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