2018 Toyota Century – Specs & Price

2018 Toyota Century - Specs & Price
2018 Toyota Century – Specification & Price
Top speed 250 km/h    155 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
5.9 seconds
& torque
445 hp    327 kW
600 Nm @ 4000 rpm
hp / weight 194 hp per tonne
Displacement V8   5  litre    4969 cc
Weight 2300 kg    5071 lbs
Price 200 000 $

Luxury sedan from Toyota, under the Rolls-Royce. I like the design, but it smells a little plagiarized. As for the price, then … For Toyota it is a little expensive to give 200 thousand dollars. Although premium materials and ideal quality (if any) can cost so much, but still the European manufacturer, not the Japanese. And so, just an attempt by the Japanese to do something that will stand out at least against competitors from the land of the rising sun, no more.

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