2019 Ferrari P80/C (SP36) – Specs & Price

2019 Ferrari P80/C (SP36) - Specs & Price
2019 Ferrari P80/C (SP36) Specification & Price
Top speed 325 km/h    202 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
2.9 seconds
& torque
670 hp    493 kW
760 Nm @ 3000 rpm
hp / weight 532 hp per tonne
Displacement V8   3.9  litre    3902 cc
Weight 1260 kg    2778 lbs
Price 4 000 000 $

Ferrari SP36? As reported, the customer and initiator of the project, a great connoisseur of the Ferrari world, comes from a family of long-time enthusiasts and fans of the company, and he himself is a very knowledgeable, insightful collector of Ferrari. Thus, he was an ideal partner for creating such a complex project that required both the highest level of interaction and emotional involvement.


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