2019 Radical Rapture – Specs & Price

2019 Radical Rapture - Specs & Price
2019 Radical Rapture – Specification & Price
Top speed266 km/h    165 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
3.2 seconds
& torque 
355 hp    261 kW
434 Nm @ 0 rpm
hp / weight464 hp per tonne
DisplacementR4   2.3  litre    2261 cc
Weight765 kg    1687 lbs
Price100 000 $

Radical decided to troll customers? Well, the ideal car is a girl to ride, in dark glasses, with hair flying in the wind. Only there is no front glass, the comfort seats are somewhere on the level of wooden stools and the suspension reacts to every molecule of asphalt, and everything is fine. I wonder who decided to release it on the road.


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