2020 Lotus Evija (Type 130) – Specs & Price

2020 Lotus Evija (Type 130) - Specs & Price
2020 Lotus Evija (Type 130) – Specification & Price
Top speed 320 km/h    199 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
3 seconds
& torque
2000 hp    1471 kW
1700 Nm
hp / weight 1191 hp per tonne
Weight 1680 kg    3704 lbs
Price 2 500 000 $

Having announced in advance that the electric hypercar is limited (130 copies), Lotus is counting on auto collectors, moneybags. No joke – they require at least 2.5 million dollars for a car! Lotus has never been so expensive. And it seems that the entire circulation has already been sold out. This is a business – and sales of all kinds of Elise / Exige and Evora, it seems, are not very profitable; tired of the Lotus members to stand still without developing.
Gradually improving their previous models and from time to time releasing new ones. No – from some wild hangover she suddenly carried her into space. They really believe that the 2000-horsepower electro-Lotus has at least some real chance of recognizing someone other than reckless auto-collectors-millionaires, without looking to buy any “shine”, and onlookers who are also massively besieging the exhibition stands of supercar brands?

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