2020 Ultima RS – Specs & Price

2020 Ultima RS - Specs & Price
2020 Ultima RS – Specification & Price
Top speed 402 km/h    250 mph
0-100 km/h
0-62 mph
2.4 seconds
& torque
1217 hp    895 kW
hp / weight 1309 hp per tonne
Displacement V8   6.2  litre    6162 cc
Weight 930 kg    2050 lbs
Price 150 000 $

The recipe has already become a classic and has not changed for centuries, almost like a Porsche 911. In fact, no matter what they say, but this body is considered and still is one of the most successful in this and already in this, it turns out, era. In fact, updating the optics alone was enough to update the car for 2019. Outwardly – cool, salon – tin can, but with minimal amenities. But we get a 1200-strong cramp with a weight of less than a ton on the rear-wheel drive, and it’s just cool!

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