Technical Updates: Cars on Cards (version 1.36)

Technical Updates: Cars on Cards GAME (version 1.36)
Technical Updates: Cars on Cards (version 1.36)

Friends! We have not forgotten our Cars on Cards project and again continue to seriously engage in improving and developing the game. The platform (Corona Lab.) On which the game was developed lost funding and was renamed Solar2D. And now it is developing only thanks to the efforts of its creators and enthusiasts.
To support our project, a page on Patreon will be created.
In the near future we will try to get rid of the initial screen error, it may appear in early versions of the Android system. As for the new updates – I started drawing new cars to levels and new cars for the auction.

Will the game be released for iOS?

– At the moment, the question is rejected due to the presence of trademarks of car manufacturers in car drawings! For the quizgame, this is funny and very sad for me as a developer. I can remove the logos from the cars, but will the game be as interesting after this as before?